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Reportedly releasing exclusively in grade-school sizing.

The black-and-red “Bred” color scheme has been an Air Jordan staple since the inception of the line in 1985 and the brand will soon celebrate the nickname on an upcoming Air Jordan 1 Mid.

Pictured here is the “Bred” Air Jordan 1 Mid courtesy of @Solebyjc on Instagram. Unlike previous “Bred” styles, the pair shown here breaks down the “Bred” nickname with “black” and “red” texts covering the respective color panels on the upper. If the inspiration for the makeup’s name wasn’t clear enough, the words “black + red = bred” appear on the midsole. According to Mr_Unloved1s on Twitter, this pair will only be available in grade school sizing.

As of now, release details for this “Bred” Air Jordan 1 Mid haven’t been confirmed by Jordan Brand but we’ll keep you updated with new developments as they become available.

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